Using Elastomeric Sealants such as Rock-n-Seal

Elastomeric siding is a construction material applied to fill and seal up spaces. With a liquid texture that dries out hard however retains flexibility, it can be an average of long lasting and can be easy to utilize. Once applied or inserted into a fracture or space, the siding expands and seals creating a waterproof barrier. It’s invisible or hardly visible and could possibly be used indoors or outside.

A chemical compound, or plastic, known as sealant is made up by elastomer. It is strong and spongy-hard and rubbery, making it a elastic polymer.

Rock-n-Seal™ is the next generation in air leakage protection. Rock-N-Seal™ is a single element, high sound, urethane based, elastomeric sealant, which seals cracks and joints up to 1/4″ in wall systems from air infiltration.

Air sealing alone can not replace the need for proper insulation throughout your house…

Compare cost and efficacy of products that claim to provide both thermal and air infiltration in one spray application with products like fiberglass and mineral wool insulation which, when properly installed and used with a appropriate air barrier material put on the joints, seams, and penetrations, provide optimal thermal protection. Every house is a combination of systems.

When a project calls for sealing, finishing, or protecting a coating, an elastomeric sealant is a must. You will most likely use one, if you need to repair water leaks or seal a coating as part of its maintenance. Find out sealants below.

Surfaces You Can Use with an Elastomeric Sealant
An sealant can be used in surfaces like steel, stone, concrete, and other polymers. Thus, you can take advantage of this sort of sealant on driveways, flooring or roadways. It’s your best bet if you will need a elastic and moisture-tolerant sealant.

Elastomeric Sealants for DIY Projects

Besides the industrial uses, elastomeric sealants are also utilised in DIY projects or house projects. You may use it to seal windows and doorways, showers and bathtubs, sinks and toilets, and countertop and backsplash among other large movement joints.

Projects which range in do-it-yourself varieties to occupations that are professional may utilize elastomeric sealant. Sealing cracks windows in homes and in floor boards might be useful for insulating against water seepage or drafts. Curing the spaces between slabs that are poured and repaving sidewalks or driveways is another use. It can be well suited to scenarios where a structure should retain its capacity to contract and expand while still bearing heavy loads, like in a floor or on a driveway.

Sikaflex Self-Levelling Sealant is a single component, self-levelling, premium grade polyurethane sealant with an accelerated curing capacity used to seal horizontal expansion joints in concrete and cementitious slabs.